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The company's profile is domestic and international forwarding and transport. The company's main goal is to meet legal requirements, meet the needs and requirements of customers, especially in the field of high quality and safety of transport services provided.

The quality goals facing us are:

  • care for high quality and safety of transport services rendered,
  • striving for full customer satisfaction,
  • building partner relations with clients and suppliers by learning their needs and expectations,
  • comprehensive and timely implementation of services,
  • raising the qualifications of employees and management staff in the field of quality and safety requirements of services rendered, legal requirements and applicable reference standards,
  • care for environmental protection,
  • continuous improvement of the quality of services,
  • continuous adaptation of designed services to market needs and specific customer requirements,
  • investing in new technologies and services that require specialized knowledge
  • implementation of the transport process in a manner consistent with the requirements of legislation, ISO 9001: 2015

These goals are achieved through:

  • testing the expectations and perceptions of our clients to create services in line with their expectations,
  • absolute compliance with legal requirements applicable in the organization, relating to the transport services and products transported,
  • clear definition of the responsibilities and powers of management and representatives,
  • setting and achieving quality goals,
  • building the best relationships between employees, constantly improving employees' competences in the field of education, training, skills and experience,
  • providing necessary resources and full commitment of the top management in the development and improvement of the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015
  • regular assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of the policy adopted and the objectives set,
  • supplying medicinal products to authorized recipients in a timely manner,
  • ongoing documentation of activities,
  • documenting and testing deviations from established procedures,
  • taking corrective, corrective and preventive actions,
  • system verification and validation, quality management and continuous system improvement

The top management by conducting periodic reviews of the functioning of the system verifies the quality management policy adapting it to changing conditions. The quality policy is known to all employees of the company and disclosed to all interested customers. Based on the above policy, specific, measurable goals have been adopted, the implementation of which is being analyzed as part of reviews carried out periodically by the Company's Main Management.

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